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The Red Rose Represents True Love: Give a Gift and Share Your Emotions

Personalised gifts, homewares, presents and ideas. The symbolism of the red rose creates fantastic designs which can be seen on a full range of customizable gifts from a growing range and a variety of stores and outlets. Shop taiche's large selection of unique busy romantic red rose flower gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers and much much more.

Looking for the perfect way to say “I love you” to that special someone?
The colour of a “rose” has special significance:
Red: Love and Romance
One of the most universal of all symbols, the red rose represents true love. It has also appeared throughout history and across cultures as both a political and religious symbol.
Yellow: Friendship, Joy, Get Well
Throughout history, yellow has been closely associated with the sun, making these roses excellent for cheering people up. Yellow roses send a message of appreciation and platonic love without the romantic subtext of other colors. The color represents feelings of joy and delight.
Lavender: Enchantment, Majesty, Love at First Sight
The color purple has a traditional association with royalty. In this regard, shades of lavender roses suggest an air of regal majesty and splendor.
Pink: Love, Gratitude, Appreciation
Pink carries with it the connotation of grace and elegance, as well as sweetness and poetic romance. Dark pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation, and are a traditional way to say thanks. Light pink roses are associated with gentleness and admiration, and can also be used as an expression of sympathy.
White: Purity, Innocence, Sympathy, Spirituality
Early tradition used white roses as a symbol for true love, an association which would later become the hallmark of the red rose. Also known as the bridal rose, the white rose is a traditional wedding flower. In this sense, white represents unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new love. White roses are also associated with honor and reverence, which makes them a fitting memorial for a departed loved one.
Orange: Desire, Enthusiasm and Passion
A literal mixture of yellow and red, orange roses were seen as a bridge between friendship symbolized by yellow roses and love represented by red roses. They can be an expression of fascination, or a gift to say ’I’m proud of you.’

All Time Popular Red Rose Photography 

For My Love Vintage Valentine Greeting Card by taiche Whispers of Passion and Love Red Rose Greeting Card by taiche Beautiful Close Up Of Red Rose Petals by taiche Red Rose with Garden Background by taiche Red Rose Flower Isolated on Sepia Background by taiche

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Latest Products by Taiche

  • The colour of a rose has special significance: Red Roses: Love, beauty, romantic love, I love you, courage and passion. Red Roses, as we think of them today, are the traditional symbol for Love, and romance. Red Roses can be found throughout my store:
    : Vintage Rose cardVintage Valentine cardMother's Day Rose cardPassion and Love cardA red Rose cardRed Rose (Love, Courage and Respect) cardWith Love card
    Red Roses have been represented in countless works of art, from classical paintings and poetry to modern day music and media.
    The Heart of the Rose cardA Beating Heart postcardFor the Love of Roses cardOlive Thomas - Vintage Meets 80s Retro cardOlive Thomas card
     Many early cultures used red roses, to decorate marriage ceremonies and they were often a part of traditional wedding attire. Through this practice, the red rose, became known as a symbol for love and fidelity.The red rose, naturally became the flower of choice for sending the strongest message of love. 
    Red Roses, are a meaningful gift, perfect for expressing feelings for a loved one on Valentine's Day, an anniversary or simply "just because." For the budding relationship, a red rose, bouquet can also signal the beginning of romantic intentions. They can send a message of commitment and an invitation to take the next step. Even the simplicity of a single red rose, can elicit a powerful response. Whatever the occasion, red roses, have an allure that is hard to resist! Choose one of my cards with text ot customize and personalize your own card from other photographs in store.

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    click on Vintage Rose - rose, roses, red, love, heart, romantic, valentine to enlarge! click on Red Rose - rose, roses, red, love, heart, romantic, valentine to enlarge! click on A Red Rose - rose, roses, red, love, heart, romantic, valentine to enlarge!

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    Light Switch cover, Desk Clock, Wall Clock

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